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Nature of Sociology

Sociology is a science which is difficult than other sciences. It helps to understand the society. So, it has its own characteristics.

They are as follows:

  1. Sociology is an independent Science
  2. Sociology is a social science, not a physical science (it studies human beings, the social behavior, social activities as well as social life.)
  3. Sociology is the pure science, not an applied science. (Sociology is a subject where there are no practical works. Sociology observes then society in a theoretical way but not in practical way)
  4. Sociology is abstract science, not concurred one.
  5. Sociology is all about generalizing, not particularizing or individualizing.
  6. Sociology is a categorical or positive science not a normative one. (It concerns with what is like but does not concern with what should be or what ought to be.)
  7. Sociology is bot rational and empirical science. (it is both dynamic with relations and the theories and observation, experimentation)

There are two types of observations

1. Participatory Observation
The type of observation where people participate and observe the culture of society is called participatory observation. This is the best way of learning, observing the society, where people can know the culture, tradition more deeply and clearly.

2. Non-Participatory Observation
The type of observation on where people don’t participate but observe the culture staying aside is called Non-Participatory observation. In this type of observation, people won’t get to learn more. They just see the culture participated by society and understand, know the thing seen by the eyes.

  • Sociology is an independent science.
  • Sociology is social science not physical science
  • Sociology is abstract not concrete
  • Sociology is both rational and empirical
  • Sociology is pure science not applied science

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