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Sociology and other Social Sciences and Its Relation

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Science

1. With Political Science

  • Sociology studies with social relationship, political science studies political relationship. e.g.; relationship between government & opposition in parliament.
  • Sociology studies social structure e.g.; family, community, society and its interrelationship and political science studies political structures, such as state, political parties, constitute, political Ideology , ruler etc.
  • Sociology studies social rules, norms & values. Political science studies political rules like rules relating to formation of government, election. Vote, protest , political events and its influence

2. With History

  • Sociology studies social relationship at present.
  • History studies social relationship in the past.
  • Sociology studies social facts.
  • History studies historical facts.
  • Historical Sociology studies impact of historical facts in social relationship.
  • History is informative & descriptive in nature and it keeps record / human experience, link between future & present.
  • History is the past sociology and sociology is the present history.

3. With Economics

  • Sociology studies social relationship. Economics studies economic relationship and activities.
  • Economy says people are wealth gather & wealth disposer.
  • Sociology studies impact of economic structure in social relationship eg; study of relationship between rich & poor, industrialist and labor.
  • Economic studies scarce means and unlimited end of society.
  • Economics studies conversion of resources into goods or serves for social use. That means it studies production & distribution relationship of society.

4. With Psychology

  • Sociology studies social behavior.
  • Psychology studies human or behavior.
  • Psychology studies the way in which personality and behavior are influenced by the social context e.g.; Impact of religious behaviors in human psychology. Peoples love for non-violence being guided by Buddhism.

5. Relation between Sociology & Law

Sociology of Law looks at law and legal system as a part of society and also as social institutions related to other institutions and changing with them .It regards law as one means of Social Control.

  • Sociology studies society.
  • Law function (operates) in society.
  • Sociology studies relationship between crime and society (criminals).
  • Law controls crime and punishes retribution criminals.
  • Law provides compensation (restitution) to the victim.
  • Sociology studies social institutions such as marriage.
  • Law governs social institutions such as marriage registration.
  • Sociology studies relationship of society or an individual with property.

Law governs relationship of society with property eg; ownership or right upon property.

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