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Sub-divisions of Sociology

Sub-division of Sociology is also known as branch of Sociology.

Some of the branches of Sociology are given below:-

  1. Historical Sociology
    • It is study of cultural- historical facts of Society.
    • Sociology usually accepts 50 year's old facts as historical facts. e.g.; Muluki Ain, 1910 B.S – punishment based on caste. New Muluki Ain, 2020 B.S – Abolition of Caste Discrimination.
  2. Sociology of Knowledge
    • It is study of knowledge as social product.
    • It believes an idea that human society and its very structure can influence knowledge.

e.g.; National Anthem generates love for country in the heart of people.

Maoist's people's song had encouraged Nepalese youth to take part in People's War.

  1. Sociology of Law
    • It recognizes law as part of society.
    • It studies impact of law in society e.g.; Impact of Muluki Ain, 1910 B.S. in past Nepalese Society.

Impact of Muluki Ain,2020 B.S. in existing Society.

  1. Social or Human Ecology
    • It Studies impact of environment upon social life. e.g.; variation of culture, language, dress up, food habit Mountain, Hill & Tarai of Nepal effect of climate change.
  1. Sociology of Education
    • It studies education as and agent of transmission of culture.
    • It stress upon the social importance of education and meritocracy i.e., rule by the educated and talented persons. Job placement on the basis of shill & educational qualification not by Nepotism or favoritism.
  1. Political Sociology
    • It studies relationship between social structures and political institutions, such as government and other organ of state.
    • eg; People's aspiration towards freedom determines the government of state as democratic or autocratic.
  2. Economic Sociology
    • It is concerned with economic activities.
    • Social Structures determines economic activities e.g.; Rural economy, urban economic, etc.
  3. Sociology of Religion
    • It analysis the religious behavior of human beings from a sociological point of view.
    • Religious belief determines people's dress up, food habit, etc.
  4. Industrial Sociology
    • It studies impact of industrialization is Social life.
    • The main cause of urbanization is industrialization.
    • Rural economy converted over nightly to urban economy because of industrialization.
    • It studies industrial relation, i.e. relationship between employer, capital and labor. (industrialist)

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