An Introduction to Benzene

-Molecular formula = C6H6
Empirical formula = CH
Molecular mass = 78
Empirical formula mass = 13
Percentage of carbon = 93.6%
Percentage of hydrogen = 6.4%
Structural formula =benzene_ring-1

– It is an aromatic hydrocarbon.
Physical state = liquid at room temperature.
Melting point = 5.5oC
Boiling point = 80oC
– It is highly inflammable.
– Benzene burns with smoke due to high percentage of carbon.
– It is insoluble in water.
– It is soluble in organic solvents.
– Benzene dissolves fats, sulphur, iodine and resins.
Nature: (a) highly unsaturated (according to structure)
(b) saturated (according to reactions)
Nature of reactions:
(a) Substitution reactions
(b)Addition reactions (under special conditions)
– Benzene was first isolated by Faraday.
– Hoffman was the first scientist who separated benzene from coal tar.