An Introduction to Benzene

 Molecular formula = C6H6 Empirical formula = CH
 Molecular mass = 78
 Empirical formula mass = 13
 Percentage of carbon = 93.6%
 Percentage of hydrogen = 6.4%
 Structural formula =

 It is an aromatic hydrocarbon.
 Physical state = liquid at room temperature.
 Melting point = 5.5oC
 Boiling point = 80oC
 It is highly inflammable.
 Benzene burns with smoke due to high percentage of carbon.
 It is insoluble in water.
 It is soluble in organic solvents.
 Benzene dissolves fats, sulphur, iodine and resins.
 Nature: (a) highly unsaturated (according to structure)
(b) saturated (according to reactions)
 Nature of reactions:
(a) Substitution reactions
(b)Addition reactions (under special conditions)
 Benzene was first isolated by Faraday.
 Hoffman was the first scientist who separated benzene from coal tar.

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