Burden of proving specific fact

Section 28 of the Evidence Act 2031 says that if any law  has laid down any such provision  specifying that certain  facts are  to be proved by the  certain party in the given  situation, the same  holds  good if such situation  does arise. Such as , in trafficking  offence  information  given by  the victim, the law has placed onus of proof  on the accused to show  that the information  was untruth. In Narcotic Drugs case  the person  who is found  in possession  of such drug is presumed  to be guilty the law has laid down  that onus  of proof  lies on him/her  to show his/her innocence. Similarly in  corruption  charge  if a person  is living  at such  standard , which is  lawful income  does not allow, the law  has placed onus  of proof on him/her  to show  that the property  earned  by him/her  was through  lawful means. In other cases  the party  making  special plea must prove  it on his/her  own responsibility. Such as  if any person  pleads defense of alibi, he /she must  prove  it by himself/herself.