Chapter 8 » Functions of managerial leader | Business Studies – XII

Function of managerial leader

 ·  Leader is true representative of the organization who represents the organization to those working for it as well as to the outside world. A leader functions as a chain between management and staff. S/he represents management before the workers and work before the management

 ·  A leader must establish organizational goals. It is the primary function of the leader. S/he also should participate with superior to get it done

 ·  When the skill and knowledge of the subordinates are not used properly a managerial leader must provide the guideline and effective path as motivational factor to them

 ·  A leader must act like a captain to the team, must win the confidence of most of the colleagues and encourage team work.

 ·  The leader must design proper system of communication and communicate authority and responsibility to its subordinates so that they can know about their work

 ·  A managerial leader must understand problems and feelings of the subordinates  and try to solve them tactfully

 ·  A leader must maintain good relationship with subordinates and other people

 ·  A good managerial leader must facilitate change in the organization whenever and wherever necessary.

 ·  A leader has the responsibility to control, supervise and see different departments to achieve organizational goals

 ·  A leader should be able to evaluate the performance of subordinates. There must be provision of both reward and punishment.