Land Locked Countries and Nepal’s access to Sea

Legal Provisions

Right to Sea/resources

High Sea Convention


Others Sea Law

Territorial Water, Contiguous Water,

Exclusive Economic Zone

Common Heritage of Man Kind- High Sea


Treaty of Transit Between (His Majesty’s) Government of Nepal and The Government of India

High Sea Convention



Almaty Declaration

Convention and Statute on the regime of Navigable waterways of international concern

Convention on Transit Trade of land Locked states

United Nations Millennium Declaration

UNCLOS (1982)

Article 124. Use of terms

Article 125. Right of access to and from the sea and freedom of transit

Article 126. Exclusion of application of the most-favored-nation clause

Article 127. Customs duties, taxes and other charges

Article 128. Free zones and other customs facilities

Article 129. Cooperation in the construction and improvement of means of transport

Article 130. Measures to avoid or eliminate delays or other difficulties of a technical nature in traffic in transit

Article 131. Equal treatment in maritime ports
Article 132. Grant of greater transit facilities


Transport: Sea Navigation from Nepal up to High Sea?

Water Resource Strategy Nepal, January 2002

Preliminary Study on the possibility of International Navigation from Chatara (Sunsari, Nepal) to Kursera (India)

 Technically Possible