Admissible Fact:

    Certain facts though relevant are not admissible on the grounds of public policy   or privilege granted with the witness .Voluntarily confessed by an accused is admissible.

     Corroborative Fact:

    Facts, which are given in support of some other facts, are called corroborative facts.


    When evidence is proved a per the rule  of the  evidence  it is regarded  as proof. Document properly tendered whose signature is proved becomes a proof as to contents of document.

    Conclusive Proof:

    Certain facts are conclusive  proof, which can not  be denied , in legal  proceeding .The law  presumes that  a child  under  10 years  cannot  form  means rea .Therefore  any wrong  committed  by child under 10 years  is conclusive  proof  that he/she  did it innocently. Any case, which is finally decided by any competent court, is conclusive proof that the case got final decision.