Phases of Trial

Pre-trial – before a judicial body accepts the accusation

Trial – accusation to conviction or acquittal at initial jurisdiction

Post-trial – punishment/recovery and revision

Pretrial Protections

Right against arbitrary arrest and detention

Right against arbitrary interference on privacy

Right to humane treatment and protection of human dignity

Right to have judicial supervision and remedy

Clear notice of charge, rights and consequences.

Sound health, access to outside world.

Facilities for defense preparation.

Trial Protections

Equality of arms

Ensured safe and fearless environment and full respect of dignity

Review and recourse of the Pretrial protections

Public hearing

Counsel and defense support

Timely disposal

Fair examination of witnesses

Well-informed about charges and possible

Use of appropriate punishment among alternatives

Reasoned judgment

Post-trial Protections

Informed  punishment and appealing process

Explaining the consequences and duration of punishment and role thereafter

Correctional programmes and protection against potential abuses

Preparation of reintegration


Compensation (Redress, financial support and Rehabilitation)