Principal Organs of UN

Under the charter, the United Nations has six organs-

1.The General Assembly

2.The Security Council

3.The Economic & Social Council

4.The Trusteeship council

5.The International Court of Justice  &

6.The Secretariat

General Assembly

All the member states are represented in the General Assembly, each having one vote

The main functions of the General Assembly are-

  • To discuss the powers and functions of other organs
  • To elect ten non-permanent members of security council
  • To elect the Judges of the ICJ
  • To admit new members &
  • To appoint secretary General
  • To pass the annual budget and programs of UN
  • The Assembly cannot force action by any State, but its recommendations are an important indication of world opinion and represent the moral authority of the community of nations.
  • The Assembly holds its annual regular session from September to December. When necessary, it may resume its session or hold a special or emergency session on subjects of particular concern.
  • When the Assembly is not meeting, its work is carried out by its six main committees, other subsidiary bodies and the UN Secretariat.

Six Committees of GA

  • First Committee
    • Disarmament and International Security
  • Second Committee
    • Economic and Financial
  • Third Committee
    • Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
  • Fourth Committee
    • Special Political and Decolonization
  • Fifth Committee
    • Administrative and Budgetary
  • Sixth Committee
    • Legal