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Students Compelled To Take Exam In Open Due To Cold In Humla

Students are forced to take their mid-term exams outside in Humla becasue of a very cold weather.

Schools are holding exams outside in the open ground in the sun because it is extremely difficult to stay inside classrooms due to the cold.

“It is not possible to stay inside the classroom in this weather because our hands grow cold, making it difficult to write,” said Pradeep Jaisi, a ninth-grade student at Tajakot Rural Municipality’s Dharmodaya Secondary School.

“There is no other option than to take the examination outside during the winter,” he explained.

Ramita Khadka, a student at the same institution, stated that shifting to the ground from the test hall made it easier for her to write.

After all of the examinees grumbled about how difficult it was to write, the school was able to conduct exams in the open.

“We opted to conduct the tests beneath the sky because the pupils couldn’t move their hands due to the cold inside the classrooms,” said Jaya Rudra Dhakal, a teacher at Dharmodaya School.

Dhakal explained that holding exams outside was not a choice, but rather a requirement of the institution.

This year, the weather has dropped in Humla, and students taking lessons and exams outside has become commonplace.

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