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What after SLC?

It must always be noted that there is no single step in a ladder. End of school life is just the beginning of maturity. Time to confine oneself in boundaries has ended. Now one must create a boundary of their own, make their own rules, and act stupendously to be at the top at some point in their life. After S.L.C., one childish and unbecoming step can completely shatter one’s dreams. Now, by overshadowing the ongoing spoon-feeding system, it is the time to pick the spoon full of dedication and have a mouth full by ourselves. The time of dependency has shut itself and one must learn to live up to their dreams themselves. Therefore, it is you who must further decide about how long stride and how much high you must leap while climbing the stairs of success to reach the apex of your dreams. After all your dreams are in your hand and your one right decision can blossom it till the end.

After SLC, there always arises a big confusion among students about in which college to enroll, which faculty to choose and which step will act as the best porter to mold mind in the appropriate way. Moreover, there is a separate expectation from the family, society, and peer pressure. No matter how much pressure these factors put in you and how much influence it can create; you must always know that it is your life, your dreams and your hard work and your success. You must be able to make your own decision that will suit your priority, interest, capacity and your dedication. It is stupid to think that SLC marks are the one to decide about faculty and aim. No matter how much consistent and hardworking you are and how much supportive your family, society, and friends are, if you lack dedication and interest you will just lead yourself into frustration. It will not only create a huge obstacle in your life. And you will lag behind when your counterparts will already be in another step of the ladder.

There is just need of your complete satisfaction on whatever subject you choose for your further study. Every faculty is vast. Never discriminate any subject. Just do good in what you choose and you will be the master. College is the second step. Remember pressure only will fear you; fear you of not being able to stand up to the expectation, fear of dissatisfaction, fear of failure, fear of frustration, fear of loss of time and fear of life. Be a self-creator and don’t mimic what others do. Don’t run behind your friends. If you can’t be able to choose what’s best for you, the ones who are the world to you will start to mock you in the near future. Have the highest belief in yourself and have a strong competent and it will lead to your best.

Date Published: June 1, 2015

SLC system has been removed from the nation but it still applies to Grade 10 passed out or anyone in general.

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