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Young Leaders Committee (YoLC)

Young Leaders Committee (YoLC) is a youth network of like-minded people that aims to hone the skills and personality of its members. The members of YoLC would participate in different workshops and will be provided a platform to improve on their leadership, public speaking, personality development, networking, and presentation skills during their involvement in the committee.

Further, young leaders would be made acquainted with real-life problems hidden inside our communities through field visits and educational tours. If the members are able to come up with any innovative problem-solving ideas, the team will always be ready to provide the required resources and support for implementing the idea. We believe that this committee will encourage and help these young leaders to excel in their academics and social empathy and give meaning to what they are learning as youths, the “present” of the nation.

Benefit of being YoLC member:

  • This program is fully funded for outstanding candidates, students will not be charged any fees for YoLC activities
  • Online resource materials provided for their personal growth
  • Opportunity to solve real-life problem and contribute to the community
  • Opportunity to hone personal and professional skills
  • Internship opportunities at the end of the program based on performance
  • Opportunity to meet and network with 40 other enthusiastic youth from multiple fields
  • A chance to meet with celebrities and experts of various fields
  • Certificate of accomplishment of the program provided


  • Should be currently studying in high school education or at Bachelor’s level
  • Maximum of two people would be selected from each institution (preferably with gender balance)
  • Applicants can be of any faculty

Apply by writing to us at [email protected] with subject “Application for Leadership Hour”

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