English X

Unit 1: Giving Withholding And Reporting Permission

Unit 2: Reporting Statement

Unit 3: Reporting Questions

Unit 4: Reporting Commands

Unit 5: Giving Advice And Warnings

Unit 6: Expressing Conditions

Unit 7: Expressing Conditions

Unit 8: Asking For Reasons, Purposes And Their Responses

Unit 9: Expressing Unexpected Results

Unit 10: Describing Events

Unit 11: Expressing Preferences

Unit 12: Talking About Personal Experience

Unit 13: Talking About The Past (I) : Narrating Past Events

Unit 14: Talking About The Past (Ii): Interrupted Continuous Action

Unit 15: Talking About The Past (Iii): Comparing Past And Present

Unit 16: Confirming And Denying

Unit 17: Agreeing And Disagreeing

Unit 18: Indicating Time And Motions

Unit 19: Interpreting Tables And Charts Glossary