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  1. What is the difference between aestivation and hibernation?
  2. Mention two major external characteristics of a lizard.
  3. Write short note on Aves.
  4. How does Cocoon formation take place in earthworm?
  5. Write short note on Euglena.
  6. Give the type of limb found in aquatic animals.
  7. In which group of animals you find flame cells?
  8. Where do you find the signet-ring stage in the life-cycle of Plasmodium?
  9. Mention the kids of tooth found in frog.
  10. Characters of phylum protozoa.
  11. Habitat of the lizard and rat.
  12. Write short note on WBC.
  13. Write the Phylum and Class names of a millipede.
  14. How is sound produced in frog?
  15. Give the two characters of Sproozoa.
  16. Mention segment/s where the nerve ring lies in earthworm.
  17. What is typhlosole?
  18. Give the scientific names of wall lizard and tape worm.
  19. What do you mean by Protista?
  20. Differentiate between Centipede and Millipede.
  21. Which organ takes part in circulation of blood in living beings?
  22. Give the scientific name of spider and frog.
  23. Why paramecium never gets old?
  24. What is cutaneous respiration?
  25. In what medium proteolytic enzymes work?
  26. Give the characters and classification of protozoa.
  27. Write the function of trichocyst.
  28. What is cyclosis?
  29. Give two characters of insects?
  30. What is flagella?
  31. What do you mean by hibernation?
  32. Give the scientific name of tiger and leopard.
  33. Why blood becomes red in higher organisms?
  34. Give the zoological name of (i) Jelly fish (ii) Pigeon
  35. Mention the number of valves in auriculo-ventricular aperture.
  36. What is pellicle?
  37. Name the boring organ of earthworm.
  38. List the significances of conjugation in Paramecium.
  39. Describe pre-erythrocytic schizogony of malarial parasites.
  40. Write two peculiar characters of class Aves.
  41. The openings of pulmonary veins are devoid of valves. Why?
  42. Mention the functions of Trichocyst in Paramecium.
  43. What is the role of nitrifying bacteria?
  44. Explain the term epipetalous.
  45. Write any two importance of lichens.
  46. What is gymnosperm?
  47. What is sorus?
  48. What do you understand by taxonomic hierarchy?
  49. What is Ostium?

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