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Biota and their Environment

  1. Define Parasitism with example.
  2. Give the name of three ecological factors.
  3. Give two differences between population and community.
  4. Give a graphic diagram of the carbon cycle.
  5. Which bacteria in legume roots are used for nitrogen fixation?
  6. Role of predator in the balance of an ecosystem.
  7. Write short note on Trophic level.
  8. Name any two gases which cause green house effect.
  9. Give any two examples of secondary consumers of a pond.
  10. What are ecotypes?
  11. Define food web.
  12. What are decomposers?
  13. What is natural resource?
  14. What is food chain?
  15. Define ecological Pyramid.
  16. Why green algae is called producer?
  17. Define a grazing food chain.
  18. Mention the abiotic components of ecosystem.
  19. Define abiotic factor.
  20. What is acid rain?

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