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Biota and their Environment

  1. Give four prevention measures of water pollution.
  2. Write two causes of air-pollution and two measures to control population explosion.
  3. Mention the example of chemotoxis in animals.
  4. Air pollution and its effect on human health.
  5. Give the names of any two migratory birds.
  6. Name any two Volant features of bat.
  7. Mention the body shape of the Volant animals.
  8. Give two examples of endangered species.
  9. Role of hormones in birds migration.
  10. Give two main reasons causing air pollution.
  11. What is endangered species?
  12. Define adaptation.
  13. Write the full form of IUCN.
  14. What is taxis?
  15. Give an example of a migratory bird.
  16. What do you understand by wild life?
  17. What is climax community?
  18. What is land management?
  19. What is green house effect?
  20. Name two wildlife reserves of Nepal.
  21. Give the difference between reflex action and taxis.
  22. Define the term nature conservation.

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