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Cell Biology

  1. Name two DNA containing cell organelles.
  2. Distinguish between prophase and metaphase.
  3. Name the site for: (i) Protein synthesis (ii) Photosynthesis
  4. List two characteristics which differ DNA and RNA.
  5. Give two differences between Prophase of Mitosis and Meiosis
  6. Give two differences between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction.
  7. What is the process dealing with the formation of sex cell?
  8. Mention the change you find in chromosomes during zygotene stage of meiotic Prophaes-I cell division.
  9. Mention the function of RNA.
  10. Give two characters of prokaryotic cell?
  11. Why mitochondria is called power house of a cell?
  12. Define cell theory.
  13. What are cristae?
  14. Name the full form of ATP and DNA.
  15. Write the chief components of DNA.
  16. Write the function of a cell wall.
  17. Define cell theory?
  18. Name the components of nucleotide.
  19. What is prokaryotic cell?
  20. Why Lysosome is called suicidal bag?
  21. Give the chief components of RNA.
  22. Describe the structure and functions of mitochondria.
  23. Define Cytology.
  24. Mention two differences between plant and animal cell.
  25. What are the major chemical constituents of protoplasm?
  26. What do you mean by Cytokinesis?
  27. Describe the plastids.
  28. Describe the process of crossing over in meiosis.
  29. Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell.
  30. Define cellular totiopotency.
  31. What is plasmodesmata?
  32. Write the function of plasma membrane.
  33. What is chisamata?
  34. Define eobiont.
  35. What is cyclosis?

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