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Evolution of Life

  1. What was Louis Pasteur’s view regarding origin of life?
  2. Give the name of vestigial organ of human intestine.
  3. Give any one example of the homologous organs in organisms.
  4. What is coacervate?
  5. Point out the difference between the new and old world monkeys.
  6. Mention the source of energy in the Miller-Urey’s experiment.
  7. Give two examples of vestigial organs.
  8. What is organic evolution?
  9. Write the important features of Archaeopteryx.
  10. Define earth crust.
  11. What is Mutation?
  12. Who is Oparin?
  13. Which one is closely related to man, apes or monkeys?
  14. Give two acquired characters with examples.
  15. Give the source of energy in Miller-Urey experiment.
  16. What are homologous organs?
  17. Which human ancestor invented fire?
  18. What is the gist of Lamarckism?
  19. Why are Lysosome called suicidal bags of cells?
  20. How was the earth formed?
  21. Who wrote the book “Origin of species”?
  22. What do you mean by speciation?
  23. Who proposed recapitulation theory?
  24. What do you understand by convergent evolution?
  25. Define biogenesis.
  26. What is connecting link?

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