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Difference between Ray Floret and Disc Floret

Ray Floret

  • Flower possesses extra appendages called ligule. So, flower is ligulated.
  • Flower is zygomorphic.
  • It is located towards the margin of introduce of bract.
  • It is usually unisexual. (only gynoecium present)
  • It increases the attractiveness of inflorescence.
  • Sometimes, it may be neuter.
  • It is incomplete.

ray floret

Disc Floret

  • Flower is illigulated, hairy no extra-appendage.
  • It is actinomorphic i.e. more or less petals are fused to form tubular structure.
  • It is located centripetally
  • It is always bisexual.
  • It ensures the present of male and female legaments.
  • It is always bisexual.
  • It is complete.

disc floret

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