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Short Questions

a) Tetradynamous stamens/flower:
Flower having six stamens in two whorls in which water whorl contains two shorter atamans such type of arrangement of stamens is called as tetradynamous stamens. The flower having tetradynamous stamens sometimes is called as a tetradynamous stamen sometimes is called as tetradynamous flower.

b) Cruciform flower/corolla:
Flower having cross-shaped petals in transverse plane is called cruciform corolla. Such flowers is called cruciform flower.

c) Siliqua:
Specific type of ovary, which is unilocular in young condition but becomes bilocular at maturity due to development of false septum called replum, such type of fruit is called siliqua.

d) Aestivation:
Arrangement if sepals petals in growing bud of flower is called aestivatiom. It may be
i) valvate
ii) Iratibet

e) Phyllotaxy:
Arrangement of leaves in branch or stem of plant is called phyllotaxy. It may be
i) Alternate
ii) Oosadkjhd
iii) Whorles

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