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Very short questions of Plasmodium vivax (Malarial Parasite)

1. What is Pathogen?
Ans: Disease causing Organisms is called Pathogen.

2. Write the name of the parasite that causes malaria in man.
Ans: Plasmodium vivax

3. What is Plasmodium?
Ans: It is an intracellular parasite causing malaria in man.

4. When female Anopheles mosquito is called infective?
Ans: Female Anopheles mosquito is called infective when the Sporozoites are present in the alimentary canal or salivary gland.

5. Where do you find Plasmodium?
Ans: It is found in RBCs and liver cell in man alimentary canal and salivary glands of female Anopheles mosquito.

6. What is primary host?
Ans: It is the host of the Plasmodium in which it completes its sexual lifecycle. Female Anopheles mosquito is the primary host of it.

7. List the two hosts of Plasmodium with their cycle.
Ans: Man and Female Anopheles mosquito.

8. What is digenetic parasite?
Ans: The Organisms who completes its lifecycle in two host is called digenetic parasite.

9. What are merozoites?
Ans: Cryptozoites and Metacryptozoites formed after Pre-erythrocytic and Exo-erythrocytic schizogony respectively are called meorzoites.

10. What is schizogony?
Ans: The asexual multiplication of plasmodium inside RBC and liver cell of man is called schizogony.

11. What is liver schizogony?
Ans: The asexual reproduction that takes place in liver cell is called liver schizogony.

12. What are schuffner’s granules?
Ans: In amoeboid stage, large number of dots are seen which are called schuffner’s granules.

13. What is time taken by Plasmodum vivax to complete one erythrocytic cycle?
Ans: Time taken by Plasmodium vivax to complete one erythrocytic cycle is 48 hrs.

14. What do you mean by incubation period?
Ans: The period between the infection to first symptom in host is called incubation period.

15. What is haemozoin? How is it formed?
Ans: The toxic, yellowish brown malarial pigment which causes malarial fever is known as haemozoin.

16. What is erythrocytic schizogony?
Ans: It is the asexual schizogony occurs in the RBC of human when attacked by Pre-erythrocytic cryptozoites or Exo-erythrocytic micro-meta cryptozoites.

17. Write the stage of erythrocytic schizogony?
Ans: Trophozoite, Signet Ring, Amoeboid, Schizont and Rosetle are the stages of erythrocytic schizogony.

18. What is ex-flagellation?
Ans: The process of formation of microgamete is known as ex-flagellation.

19. What is the name of malarial pigment?
Ans: Haemozoin is the name of malarial pigment.

20. What is ookinete? Where is it found?
Ans: Ookinete is the elorgated worm lik structure zygote found in the Stomach of female Anopheles mosquito.

21. What is the name of toxic substance that causes malarial fever?
Ans: The name of toxic substance that causes malarial fever is Haemozoin.

22. What is prepatent period?
Ans: The period between the infection to first appearance of parasite in blood is called prepatent period.

23. List the various symptoms of malaria.

  • Mouth becomes dry
  • Nausea occurs
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Chill fever (100° F) and
  • Sweating at every 48 hrs

24. Write three ways to control malaria.

  • Destruction of vector
  • Prevention of infection
  • Treatment of patient

25. Write the name of anti-malarial drugs.
Ans: Quinine, Paludrine, Daraprim, etc are the name of anti-malarial drugs.

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