Characteristics of Management

1. Universality:- management is applied in government as well as non government sectors. It is used in business and other type of organizations. Broadly, the management is applied in society, nations and also houses. In other words the principle of management is applicable in every area. Therefore, management is universal activity.

2. Integrative:- according to size and nature of business organizations, many departments may be established. Departments, managers, customers, government, investors, society etc must be integrated for the smooth operation of the organization. Therefore, management is an integrative process.

3. Goal oriented:- management is the means to achieve organizational goals. Management maximizes efficiency of human effort for the operation of organizational job. The success of management can be accessed on the basis of attainment of organizational goals.

4. Art and science:- management is the scientific Art. It contains special knowledge, technique and principles. It applies that special knowledge, techniques and principles to practical situations for better results.

5. Profession:- management is the profession. It has own study mechanism on a whole series of cannons. Policies and laws. It is based on a systematic study curriculum. The management techniques, knowledge and principles are applied in practice. It is necessary to study the full syllabus of management in a states period of time for the managerial job in any organization.

6. Distinct entity:- management is a distinct activity. It has proved that management is a specialized art and science and only technically qualified people can lead the organization.

7. Pervasive function:- management is necessary for the success of all levels of management. The principles and methods of management can be applied for the smooth functioning of different departments and operational units. It is applicable for the lower level, middle level and top-level management

8. Group effort:- management directs group efforts to the accomplishment of organizational goal. It is a collective force of group efforts of persons.

9. Intangible:- management is an intangible activity which cannot be seen. It is bound by a web relationship between levels of employees. It makes and enforces rules for better results. It can be judged by its effectiveness on the basis of objectives

10. Social process:- management is concerned with inter-relations and human behavior. Management creates mutual understanding and cooperation among the employees. Management jobs are related to the human actions.

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