Functions of an Office

Functions of an office

  1. Primary or basic functions
  2. Auxiliary or administrative management functions

1. Primary or basic functions
An office basically performs those functions that are related to information management. It helps in receiving, recording, arranging, analyzing and transmitting information.

  • Receiving and collecting information
    Receiving and collecting different types of information from the different types of sources is the primary function of an office. The information is received from two sources. They are internal and external. Letters, invoices, circulars, notices, memos are the internal sources and supplier, customers, government, banks are the external sources

  • Processing and arranging information
    It is the most significant function of an office. The information collected and recorded cannot be readily used for the decision-making and other purposes in the organization. Therefore, it must be processes and arranged. Processing information involves preparing notes, sorting, editing t. all information are to be arranged in a systematic way.

  • Supplying information
    After arranging and analyzing information it is ready to supply in the management. It provides necessary information to its member whenever it I required. This information helps in decision-making process.

  • Retention of records
    Retention is defined as the preservation of records for future reference. It involves collection, preservation, classification and protection of records for future reference. It is maintained in files, computers etc. Every record has a life span. It is protected according to its importance. Retention of record depends upon nature of organization. The efficiency of office depends upon the way records are retained

2. Auxiliary or administrative management function

  • Management process
    To make any business successful there must be good management. Office helps in effective management. It includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It helps in smooth functioning of the organization.

  • Public relations
    There must be good public relation of the organization. The main purpose of public relation is to make the organization look trust worthy to all people who deal with it in all its action.

  • Development of office system and procedure
    Every office develops a definite office system and a fixed routine. It helps in smooth flow of office work. The system is also known as procedure of office work.

  • Safe guarding the assets
    All assets, movable and immovable, documents and office records must be guarded and protected. They can protest these assets through insurance policies, locker etc.

  • Form designing and control
    An office designs, develops and prepares many types of form needed for office management. It helps to get maximum benefits. These office forms are important tools for collection and storage of information.

  • Purchasing stationery and supplies
    Office stationery and supplies are essential for doing work. It helps in increasing the efficiency and improving quality of works done. Office should pay attention in purchasing right type of stationery and supplies

  • Purchasing office furniture and machine
    Office requires various types of office furniture and machine for efficient performance. The quantity, quality, consistency and completeness of work basically depend upon the ability and quality if assets like office furniture and machine.

  • Personnel function
    Office is also related to recruiting, training, placing, promoting the employees. Employees help in the success of the organization.

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