Importance of coordination

1. Unity of action: an enterprise has diverse resources; technique, activities etc, and they all must be coordinates to bring unity through unity in action.

2. Increase in efficiency and economy: coordination brings efficiency because it is an effort of all organizational members. It also helps to maintain good relation among all levels of management.

3. Development of personnel: coordination helps to obtain information about job, qualities of a job holder which helps to analyze about the potentialities of the job holder and improve coordination system

4. Differential perception: different people have different perception. When all people are coordinated effectively their effort and power are concentrated to achieve organizational goals.

5. Survival of the organization: coordination helps o harmonize the work resources and physical facilities. When their activities are not harmonized the organization can’t achieve the goal and it can’t survive in the society

6. Accomplishment of objectives: when the employees , their task and available resources are coordinated, their production will be increased and it helps to accomplish the objectives of the organization

7. Basis of managerial function: all managerial functions such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling etc can’t be conducted effectively without communication.

8. Specialization: in the absence of coordination in the organization the activities can’t be moved in specialized areas. Therefore, it helps in specialization

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