Techniques of coordination

1. Well-defined goals: the first means or technique of coordination is well-defined goals. The goals of the organization should be clear and well-defined. Each individual in the organization should understand the overall goals. When the goals are not well-defined the coordination may not effective.

2. Sound organization structure: coordination is the essence of management. It is not possible without sound organization structure. The authority and responsibility for each and every position and employees should be clearly defined.

3. Effective communication: coordination helps in creating proper understanding among persons. Without effective communication, coordination may be effective. The ideas, opinions should be interchanged freely. It is only through effective communication that even individual understand his/her limitations, positions and responsibility in the organization. Effective communication helps in coordination. Therefore, it is also an important means of coordination.

4. Proper leadership: proper leadership leads the subordinates effectively and efficiently. A good managerial leader uses the motivational tools to coordinate the employees with effective communication system. In short, coordination is made possible through proper leadership.

5. Proper supervision: supervisors coordinate the subordinates and their activities. Top level management cannot coordinate all employees. In short, proper supervision helps in effective coordination.

6. Better plans and policies: coordination is made according to plans and policies of the organization and departments. When the plans and policies are not better coordination is not effective in the organization.

7. Cooperation: without cooperation, coordination may not succeed because coordination is related to employees and their activities. When they are not cooperative, coordination may not be made. So, cooperation is essential in the organization.

8. Meeting and conference: coordination may be possible when all employees their all activities and departmental goals are involved in organizational planning and policies. Their all problems and matters may be involved. When there is environment of constructive discussion and debate with meeting and conference

9. Group decision: the group decision is a decision in which all members of the organization are participated to make decisions. The ideas and feelings are mixed into the decision and coordination may succeed.

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