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Techniques of motivation

1. Financial incentives: First techniques of motivation are financial incentives as money is indicator of success. Therefore, it fulfills psychological safety and status need as people satisfy their needs by money. Wages, salary motivates employees to perform better.

2. Job enlargement: Under this technique, task assigned to do job are increased by adding simile task. So the scope of job enlargement is high for the motivation of subordinates. It is also known as horizontally leading of job.

3. Job enrichment: Under this technique jobs are made challenging and meaningful by increasing responsibility and growth opportunities. In such technique of motivation, planning and control responsibility are added to the job usually with less supervision and more self evaluation. It is also called vertical leading.

4. Job rotation: it refers to shifting an employee from one job to another. Such job rotation doesn’t mean hanging of their job but only the employees are rotated. By this it helps to develop the competency in several jobs which helps in development of employees.

5. Participation: Participation refers to involvement of employee in planning and decision-making .it helps the employees feel that they are an asset of the organization which helps in developing ideas to solve the problems.

6. Delegation of authority: Delegation of authority is concerned with the granting of authority to the subordinates which helps in developing a feeling of dedication to work in an organization because it provides the employees high morale to perform any task.

7. Quality of work life: It is the relationship between employees’ and the total working environment of organization. It integrates employee needs and well-being with improves productivity, higher job satisfaction and great employee involvement. It ensures higher level of satisfaction.

8. Management by Objectives: It is used as a motivation and technique for self-control of performance. By this technique supervisor and subordinates set individual and organizational goals. Each individual’s responsibilities are clearly defined which would help identify the skill sets one has to make the best use of the same to meet organizational mission and vision. This also helps the organization function effectively.

9. Behavior modification: The last technique of motivation is behavior modification. It develops positive motivation to the workers to do the work in desired behavior in order to modify behavior.

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