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Cuprous Oxide Or Red Oxide Of Cupper (Cu2O)

It occurs in nature as cuprite. It is obtained by heating copper in air above 11000c.

4Cu+o2 above 11000c → 2Cu2o.

If can also be obtained by reducing alkaline Cuso4. (fehling’s solutional with reducing agents like glucose.

CuSO4+2NaOH → Cu(OH)2+Na2SO4
Cu(OH)2 → CuO+H2O
2CuO + C6H12O6 → Cu2O + C6H12O7


  • It is a red amorphous solid insoluble in water.

  • It dissolves in conc. HCl giving cuprous chloride.

Cu2O + 2Conc.HCl → Cu2Cl2 + H2O

  • It dissolves in conc. H2SO4 giving copper sulphate and metallic copper

Cu2O + H2OSO4 → CuSO4 + H2O + Cu


  • It is used in making ruby-red glass.
  • It is used in making anti-rust paints.
  • It is used in preparation of Cu2Cl2.

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