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Silver Chloride (AgCl)

It occurs in nature as horn silver as ore.

Agcl is obtained by adding any soluble chloride to silver nitrate solution.
AgNO3 + KCl → AgCl + KNO3
White ppt
The ppt is washed, collected and then dried.


  • It is white amorphous solid insoluble in water.
  • AgCl is light sensitive compound and turns violet and finally to black on exposure to light.

Action of NH3 solution
AgCl dissolves in NH3 solution by forming a soluble diamine complex.
AgCl + NH4OH → Ag (NH3)2
di-amine silver (I) chloride.
(soluble complex compound)
Action of KCN solution:
Agcl dissolves in KCN solution forming a soluble potassium argento cyanide complex.
Agcl + KCN → K [Ag (CN)2] + KCl
Potassium argento cyanide

AgCl is used in making photographic film and paper.

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