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Causes and solution of child Labour

What are the causes of child labour? And what will be the solutions for it?

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Question asked by Lazarus

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Hello Lazarus,

When it comes to the causes of child labor, there’s no one set reason for it. However, some of the main reasons for it include:

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Excess population

In the case of Nepal, we can see poverty being the main reason for child labor as children from family under the poverty line are the ones to be the victim of child labor.

While looking at the solutions, again, there’s nothing set as concrete. But these can be some of the actions which might potentially help bring then umber down:

  • Improving the access and quality of education
  • Providing cash incentives to parents from family under the poverty line to send their children to school. (Often times, we see people under this segment say that this kid is bringing in some earnings and if I’m to send him/her to school, that money is lost. They fail to look in the larger picture so providing some cash to them might help increase the number of children being enrolled in school)
  • Discouraging child labor by imposing trade sanctions and consumer boycotts on goods produced by child labor
  • Further tightening the laws when it comes to child labor

This post was part of TyroCity discussion forum
Answered by sakar