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How can I get A+ in compulsory English in HSEB 11 exam?

The guide to help towards achieving the goals set is as posted here:

You can also find all the summary and notes for English Grade 11 here:

And, coming back to your original question, to get higher marks in English or any other subject, this may be the strategy that might just work for you:

  • Give yourself enough time to study - don’t rush through things. We might always feel like we don’t have enough time but with proper planning, we’ll soon realize that isn’t the case. So, give enough time to each of the topics.
  • Ensure perfect study space for you. Also, make sure that you have enough space to spread out your study sources, have enough light and the chair you’re staying is comfortable enough. Get rid of any/all distractions.
  • Try making visuals through flowcharts of things/events. For example, if you’re going through a topic called Malini in English 11 - highlight the character and main events associated. This can be really effective when you revisit those topics later on while revising.
  • Practise on old questions. This will help increase your level of confidence.
  • Explain your answers to others - maybe to your parents, siblings or your friend. Speaking it out loud will ensure that you remember the run of events and also that you’re able to recall those come the time of the exam.
  • Take regular breaks. Don’t stress yourself and just think that you should read-read-read. It’s not a marathon.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Plan for exam day. Don’t stress much. Your preparation is already done and be confident when you answer your questions.

Simple things but those can go a long way in helping you get A+ in not only English but all the other subjects as well. Best of luck for your examination.

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