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How can you say that the Soot family was very poor?

Roberto and Rosa are husband and wife as characterized in the story. Their child (Carmen) died when she was just four year old. After Carmen’s death, Rosa gave away Carmen’s things to the local priest of the other village because the doctor had said that they would not have next child. However, Roberto had hope. Rosa thought that it was only a false hope. Roborto once remembered that Carmen used to hold the little doll with her which wasn’t given to the priest. They searched everywhere for it but didn’t find. Soon after they gave up on the search. They infact had a child after a year providing that Roborto was write and the doctor wrong. The desire of saving the doll for the next child as presented by Roborto was what shows that the financial condition of Soto family as being poor. They were living a simple, ordinary life.

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