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How does martin luther king portray the appalling condition of negro community?

Part of the famous speech delivered by Martin Luther King during the American Civil Rights Moment, “I have a dream” does hold historic importance. The Blacks had been treated so badly for decades, that they were pushed to revolt against the White American mindset.

Thus, Martin Luther King portrayed the Negro’s conditions as one still seeking freedom and crippled.

  • I have a dream was a speech made during the American Civil Rights Movement. For decades, the Blacks have been treated so poorly that they have been forced to rebel against the American White mentality.
  • The white American population denied them certain human rights, including liberty, only because the African-Americans were dark skinned. Blacks, with meagre food and insufficient shelter, were often enslaved and forced to live in awful conditions.
  • They could not be sent to regular schools, who wished to educate their children. If a black student was denied admission, then there were cases of schools closing down.
  • He further concluded that Southern Negroes were under the most severe pressures in the local community and endure cumulative embarrassment and sometimes, abuse on a daily basis, which deprives them of dignity.
  • It was thus, that non-violent direct action is embedded in the local community and finds its most powerful expression. For the Negro is not in the minority in many Southern societies, but in the majority, and is capable of exerting immovable power.

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