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Importance of business communication

Explain to a five year old boy why is necessary to study business communication

That’s a really interesting question.

For a five-year-old kid, anything would be gibberish if we go into detail of it, trying to make sense of things that may not really go out as planned. So, bringing in the reference of the family itself can be a good way to show the kid exactly the same aspect.

Consider the boy as in your question has his father and mother living with him as well. The boy may ask for things that he requires through verbal and non-verbal communication approach. His parents talking with each other, sharing their experience, the boy expressing his emotions could be put forward as examples. All these linking to that only through proper communication.

If the child is not able to communicate well - the child’s need can’t be understood by his/her parent and the requirement ultimately not fulfilled or fulfilled in the wrong way. Now, why studying business communication in general. Personally, I don’t think it’ll make much sense explaining a five-year-old boy on why to study business communication at that age. But these will be few of the things in general:

  1. To effectively communicate within and outside the organization
  2. To be a better human manager by better directing and controlling the team
  3. Provides a better sense of job security as anyone who is able to communicate better is always required by the organization and chances of a layoff when the time comes is lesser
  4. You’ll be able to leave a mark in the minds of all the team members even the directors with your efficient communication
  5. Multiple areas of work opportunity as you can work in either marketing, advertising, public relation or any such areas in general. This is like all these fields of work requires a better communicator

There are a lot of other reasons if I’m to continue but those will be some of the primaries. But again - studying for the shake of it will take one nowhere. One just has to have that motivation and the will power to make positive difference.

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