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NEB Grade 11 English

What exactly does hit in the head in 1st paragraph mean? I have been taught by my English teachers to just give a introduction to the essay/poem/story etc in the 1st paragraph includeing writer’s name. They even suggested me 1st paragraph of all the questions of a chapter can be written same. But in your exam guide it is given answer should be written directly in 1st paragraph. I don’t know how to do so?

Can you please suggest me idea to write the 1st paragraph. Is it necessary to write writer’s name or not in 1st paragraph?

Please provide me sample of writing answer in 1st paragraph of the question:
What made Armando Gonzalez think that someone was going to Rob him? (only 1st paragraph)

There are certain teachers who prefer the writer’s name to be mentioned while many don’t care much about it. The main thing is, you should be able to answer the question while covering all the aspect possible.

Highlighting the key element and building on that is one approach to go while like your mentors suggested, going a bit slow with the introduction of the essay/poem/story along with the writer’s name can be another. He/she might have said this for long answers - in which case it’s a good practice if you do so. But to a question like “What made Armando Gonzalez think that someone was going to rob him?” having the author name or the introduction included doesn’t provide much value as this is often categorized as short question/answers. However, you may include it if recommended by your teacher even in this format.

But this can be a sample answer to the same, the length would depend on the category, this question is placed in. If it’s a long one, you should definitely start with the introduction, the author details so that you can extend the answer further. For short one’s remain direct:

There were multiple factors which made Armando think that somebody was going to rob him. He thought that everyone saw him withdraw the money from the bank as the cashier counted the money loudly. There was also a man in the bank ward and some boys on the bus who looked at him, making him think that they were about to rob him. Another incident was that the fat man got on the same bus as he did who was also at the bank beside him as well. And, then he concluded that the three boys were sent by that fat man and were following him with a desire to rob him. Those events made him think that somebody was going to rub him.

It’s always about highlighting the events and explaining it in your own words. If you can remember the author name, it’s always a good practice to write that for mid-long length answers. However, that’s not so important for short answers.

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