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Take a look at the Customer Behavior Model I and describe some important dimensions

Probably one of the most important aspects that Business Intelligence (BI) systems attempts to decipher is information pertaining to the customer. Take a look at the Customer Behavior Model I and describe some important dimensions.

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Business intelligence is one of the growing field in business/IT in recent times. It is the use of technology, application and different practices to collect, integrate, analyze and present the business information. Business intelligence helps in making a better business decision by a data driven decision support systems. It also gives an account of historical data, current views and future prediction of business operations, to support in a good decision making. There are different dimensions to a Business Intelligence, which can be classified as follows.

Reporting dimensions is the first significant dimension of Business Intelligence, where the reports or data important to any decision making are extracted. Initially only static reports with limited information were included in the reports while now, user defined, parameterized and ad-hoc queries can be performed with the use of Business intelligence.

Analysis dimension is yet another dimension of Business Intelligence. This includes using a proven theory, asking pertinent question to right resource person or using the experiences in organization for making a good analysis to a decision making process. However, many users find difficulty in this phase as this phase might be too difficult to most of the people in using query or else finding right way of analysis.

Planning is another dimension of Business intelligence. They help in different areas of planning, like budget planning being the common one, and other planning tools, integrated with reporting and analysis tools, helps in business performance management.

Monitoring is another dimension of BI. The different reporting, analysis and planning tools that can be used to compare the actual performance to predetermined targets and trigger alerts when performance is different from the goal. Say, we can prepare a compare and contrast of performances of the company by the help of BI, which could be helpful in monitoring the activities of the company.

Lastly, with all the basic features of BI added, the BI have moved into adding new dimensions, called data mining, text mining and advanced visualization. Companies are also used many sophisticated models to detect fraud, automate the cross-sell recommendations, define loans process etc. or using mail or call responses, web-pages, video to understand the pattern for a deep analysis and use the data in different usable forms.