Phases of Trial

1. Pre-trial: before a judicial body accepts the accusation

2. Trial: accusation to conviction or acquittal at initial jurisdiction

3. Post-trial: punishment/recovery and revision

Pretrial Protections

  • Right against arbitrary arrest and detention
  • Right against arbitrary interference on privacy
  • Right to humane treatment and protection of human dignity
  • Right to have judicial supervision and remedy
  • Clear notice of charge, rights and consequences.
  • Sound health, access to outside world.
  • Facilities for defense preparation.

Trial Protections

  • Equality of arms
  • Ensured safe and fearless environment and full respect of dignity
  • Review and recourse of the Pretrial protections
  • Public hearing
  • Counsel and defense support
  • Timely disposal
  • Fair examination of witnesses
  • Well-informed about charges and possible
  • Use of appropriate punishment among alternatives
  • Reasoned judgment

Post-trial Protections

  • Informed punishment and appealing process
  • Explaining the consequences and duration of punishment and role thereafter
  • Correctional programmes and protection against potential abuses
  • Preparation of reintegration
  • Rehabilitation
  • Compensation (Redress, financial support and Rehabilitation)

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