Importance of Legal Research in Law making Process

To formulate new Legislative: –

  • Existing law or Legislative mechanism does not serve such modern necessity, new aspiration and desire.

  • Therefore to co-up-with the change and problem new legislations are formulated.

  • For the enactment of new legislation, adequate knowledge, information and appropriate remedy to combat is required.

(i)** To make new legislation effective, the following aspects must be kept in mind**:

(a)Identification of problems: –

Fact finding operation, survey study, which is generally conducts to access the opinion, behavior of society.

Example: – To be aware of crucial problems of the society, prostitution.

(b)Explanation of causes: –

To find out the reason or causative factor of the problem.

Example: -To find out the cause of prostitution.

(c)Formulation of policies/legislation: –

Example: -If the root cause of prostitution is poverty, then legislation is to draft to alleviate poverty.

(d)Critical Functions: –

Find the weakness and the strength of formulated act.

(ii)Method of formulating new legislation: –

(a)Analytical Research Method: –

-1st, researcher should have knowledge of law making.

-2nd, the researcher should have sound knowledge of several statute.

-3rd, the researcher has to locate the needed statutory material.

-4th, a researcher should study prevailing customs.

-5th, a researcher has to study case law on particular legislation.

-6th, a researcher has to make a choice between 2 or more conflicting views and select the best one.

(b)Historical Research Method: –

1) It provides social insight.

2) Historical oriented (facts and events to be studied in the historical perspective)

3) Historical evolution of law

(c)Comparative Research Method: –

-Comparison of International and National Law

-Comparison of one country law to other.

(d)Ethical Research Method: –

Moral values, principle.

(e)Statistical Research Method: –

Use of different tools and technique of collection of data, questionnaire, interview, etc.

(f)Critical Research Method: –

Collect the data from secondary source and use own wisdom and experience to it.

(2)To reform existing Legislation: –

  • Law is not static but a dynamic one.

  • It is reformed according to need of society, time and country.

(3)To find the situation of application and acceptance of existing legislative: –

  • Legal research helps to find out

(i) Consequence of existing legislation.

(ii)Shortcoming of existing legislation

(iii)Level of understanding of legislation in society.

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