Function, Duty and Power of the Nepal Law Commission Sec. 10

a) To make and cause to be made study and research on enactment of new law or amendment of existing laws or the contemporary issues relating to law and justice,

(b) To prepare necessary draft for codification of law, and submit the same to the Government of Nepal.

(c) To unify or review the prevailing laws, and to provide necessary suggestion in this regard to the Government of Nepal,

(d) To submit a draft along with explanatory notes, in regard to enactment of new law and amendment of prevailing law as per necessity,

(e) To make study about the laws which are obsolete, contradictory to each other, unequal, discriminatory, conflicting with human rights as well as unimplemented ones, and to submit suggestion to the Government of Nepal in regard to repeal, amendment or review of such laws,

(f) To provide draft or suggestion to the Government of Nepal for inclusion of the covenants of international treaties and agreements in the prevailing laws, as per necessity,

(g) To make consultation, discussion and interaction with concerned agency, organization in regard to drafting, codification, integration, review, reform
and development of laws as per necessity, or to co-work with the concerned agency or organization in this regard,

(h) To obtain service of experts for study, research and drafting of special type of laws,

(i) To collect public opinion, views and suggestions in course of processing enactment of laws as per necessity,

(j) To launch programs like symposium, seminar and interaction as per necessity in course of reformation of draft of laws,

(k) To exchange necessary information and knowledge with law commissions as well as laws drafting agencies of other countries having contact with

l) To make study whether there is or not an existence of laws in consonance with the principles laid down by the Supreme court and to submit a draft to the Government of Nepal in regard to promulgation, repeal and review of laws in case of being found a gap thereto,

(m) To prepare annual programs of the Commission,

(n) To accomplish other function relating to law and justice as prescribed by the Government of Nepal and as deemed necessary by the commission.

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