Process of Law Drafting inside Law Commission

Initiation of tasks:
Commission may initiate drafting and law reform on referral of the concern ministry or on its own.

It may receive a proposal from stakeholder, i.e. individual, non-governmental organization, civil society and community organization.

Formation of working team:
Commission decides annual program on the basis of the priority, and for WORKING TEAM involving experts to act on approved area by providing clear mandate and time frame.

Preparation of Consultation paper:
WORKING TEAM carries out in-depth study, research of the issue.

WORKING TEAM may invite experts, stakeholder and Government official for consultation. WORKING TEAM prepares a consultation paper and make available to anyone interested.

Organizing Seminar/Workshop:
WORKING TEAM may organize seminar/workshop inviting prominent scholars, activists and other key stakeholders to have well-versed comments on draft prepared by WORKING TEAM.

Final Report and draft bill and Submit to Government:
Report and draft bill are submitted to the Government or concern ministry by finalizing it, for the further action on draft Bill.

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