Significance of public participation in constitution making process

  • Representation of different section of society including backward sections in the law making process.
  • Empowers people to act as guardian of the constitution and creates sense of ownership to constitution.
  • Institutionalizes public participation as a right.
  • Helps to manage post conflict situation of any society (Bring change and develop society).

Indirect participation of people through election and voting has no meaning in new form of democracy.

C.A. in Constitution making

C.A. in constitution making process has formed its committee to have public participation issues wise.

Committee for Co-ordination and public opinion collection, Committee for Resource Management and Capacity Enhancing and citizen relation Committee has been classified under the procedural committees.

Rest of the committees is classified under the thematic committees.

Procedural Committee are relevant to a large context since it deals about public opinion collection and citizen relation.

Public participation schedule by C.A.

  1. Taking questionnaire to people and filling it.
  2. Drafting the constitutional draft based on it.

Taking draft to public for discussion

For this they used website, interaction program, suggestion collection, etc.

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