The word communication has multiple meanings & definition. As several meaning and definitions have emerged over a period of time but the central idea has remained the same. Most of the scholars define communication simply as a process of exchanging ideas, views, and thoughts between two or more.
Communication in our everyday life includes talking and writing as well as non-verbal expressions, body language or restorers to communication. Sometimes we also use image or visual tools like paintings, photographs, visuals or films to express ourselves or to receive information and ideas from others. Conversation through telephone calls, radio & television broadcast are other ways of communication. People communicate with each other they go. Persons even in the state of meditation cannot avoid communication. We cannot image the existence of human society without communication.
The word communication is derived from the Latin word ‘communist’ or ‘communicare’ which are the same meaning as community and common communication can-occur within ourselves, or between two or more. In any situation communication is shared and exchanged. Therefore, the meaning of communication becomes a process of sharing message with ourselves or the rest of society. It is a social interaction through dissemination of messages.
Communication has long history since the human civilization. The men kind started communication since 0.2 million of years ago. Then the kind introduced word as an oral language. Since seventy thousand years ago. Similarly, the men kind introduced the letters since 3500 years ago. As the time passed, many discoveries were found.
Homerd Socretts, Coper Nicus, Aries Totle, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, King Janak etc, developed communication in written and oval from all over world.

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