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News is an information about recent events or developments.

A radio or television broadcast presenting the important events or developments that have taken place is called news.

News is the communication of selected information or current events which is presented by print, broadcast or word month to a mass audience.

News is a newly received or not worth information especially about recent or important events.

The determining factor for news value
1. Power elites-changes (positive negative)
2. Economically powerful
3. Prominence- news written in counter of Nepal according to present situation of country
4. Surprise, mystery, unexpected situation like accidents.
5. Proximity

Importance of News

  1. For making news constitution
  2. Clean drinking water
  3. Maintaining the rules of country

In news, journalist can’t put his/her own opinion. It must be fact.

News is written with accuracy, balance and credibility.

ABC of Journalism
A- Accuracy
B- Balance
C- Credibility (truth worthy a trust and believe)

Parts of Newspaper
Mast Head: The name of newspaper
Ear Panel: News adds published in the newspaper at the both side.
Logo: The date of submit news
Date line: Date, Address month
By line: The name of reporter
Print line: The address of the media/newspaper
Credit line: The source of news
Head line: The title of the news
News highlight: Important short news

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