Mass Communication Introduction

The communication that is occurred among thousands of people is called mass communication. In this process, any individual media or message goes to the heterogeneous people. The father of mass communication Denis McQuailhas said the term mass communication was coined along with that of mass media, early the 20thcentury to describe that was the of new social phenomenon and a key feature of the emerging modern world that was being built on the foundations of industrialism and popular democracy.
Characteristic of Mass communication
As we have mentioned above mass communication is the communication through medium, Merill de and Fried Lander describe the characteristic of Mass communication as following.

Mass communication covers up a large mass which can be distance from the source. The distance between the source and the receiver can be thousands kilometer for away but it does not look like distant.
Scattered: The mass is scattered in the mass communication process. It is heterogeneous in age, education, level & under standing and other statins

. Mass can be dispersed locally, nationally or internationally.
Anonymous: In the mass communication process, the audiences are anonymous to source as it is the long distance at large circulation and so on.

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