Some Definitions of Communication

  1. Communication is a process of increased community or sharing between participants on the basis of sending and sharing message.

                                               -Denis Mc Quail
  2. Communication is the achievement of very similar or parallelmessage in the person initiating a message and those receiving it.

                                           -De Flaur and Denis
  3. Communication can be defined as the establishment of a common understanding., as a transferal of meaning from are person to another, as the stimulation of common symbols in various minds through symbol interaction or as the creation of message in other through stimulus response activities.

                                   -Merill Lee & Fried Landert
  4. Communications is the person of sending information and understanding from one person to another.

  5. Communication is laws of force through which person create and message social realities.

  6. The term communication is held to involve some kind of transfer of information from one person to another to a group of other people.

  7. Communication is sum of all acts that a person does to make his or her message understand by another person mind.

  8. Communication is interaction by means of mutually recognize signals.

  9. Communication is defined as the transmission or exchange of information or ideas or feelings by means of sounds, signs & symbols.

                                                  -Neal &Brown
  10. Communication is the act of transmitting information.

  11. Communication is the person of sharing meaning or link to rest of humanity.

                                             Gamble and Gamble

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