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Describe the marketing activities in detail for two of your favorite ads

What are some of your favorite TV ads? Select two and tell us why? How effective are the message and creative strategies? How are they creating consumer preference and loyalty and building brand equity?What sort of marketing activities are undertaken in a franchise arrangement?

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TV commercials are an important way of marketing for any company. Having a heavy advertisement of the brand has a big impact on the sales of the product with a small deviation in brand preference changes. However, to make a good sales out of advertisement needs a creative advertisement which can appeal a large population segment to buy. In this context I want to remember two advertisement.

The first advertisement is of Google India. The advertisement shows the two friends separated in two different country each after the partition while one desires to find his friends. With the cues given, the grand children (Indian side) tries to find the friend of her grand-father. Then as the contact is established, the Pakistani side grand-son also looks for information and brings his grand-father to India. In the advertisement, the use of the different Google features are shown in a subtle way while the emotional part remains the highlight. So, in my opinion the message has been very clear on use of google features to connect people while giving it an emotional appeal has probably made an impact on the broad Indian-Pakistani population. According to Moore and Harrir, an advertisement can be have high impact and appeal if they stimulate strong positive emotions to the people. So, same might be true for the Google ad and they might be linking the product with consumer’s emotions to maintain the loyalty. The branding has been done in a subtle way, which remains in the memory and isn’t forcible enforced.

Second Advertisement that I remember is a Pakistani advertisement, which is of a tetra pack milk called Dostea. The advertisement tries to show the tea prepared from this milk adds sweetness and good moments to the family. On the creative part, the advertisement comes in form of chain of “to be continued” short stories which raises curiosity of the product while people would like to check its website if there is any update on its stories. On the other hand, advertisements is also said to teach different culture, language, social values, gender role and interpersonal relationships. So definitely the advertisement is trying to bridge the gap between the extended family generation and nuclear family generation by giving message in a very sweet way and positioning its product as a family’s choice product. This might endorse people to buy those things for family time. Likewise the new concept is of a series is very creative and raises the curiosity. They are creating the preference and loyalty by again doing an emotional appeal and giving a family touch to the product, which helps in building the brand’s strong identity.

According to the franchise agreement there are two type of marketing agreements. Brand Advertisement and promotion, which is done by the collective fund of all the franchises and is directed at promote the company’s brand. On the other hand, local advertisement is to promote the sales of a specific outlet and might be location and product focused. However, there are guidelines of advertisement or sales promotion from the parents company about do/don’t’ for marketing.