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Effective communication ad and manipulation in decision making

It has been estimated that the average person may be exposed to over 1,500 ad or brand communications per day. Keep a diary of all the significant ads, commercials, billboards, pop-ups, and “spam” messages you receive in a three day period. Reflect on which ads you remember, which ones were successful in persuading you to take action to buy a product or service, and which ones had absolutely no effect on you and for what reasons. Discuss your impressions of the results of this exercise. Which communication method is most effective for you? Do you feel manipulated by the marketplace in making decisions about which products or services you use and why?

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In these 3 days I have seen ad of products like: Rajnigandha, Toyota, Coca-cola, Dove, Odonil, Lays and Kurkure.

Among the products, I remember Dove, as I loved the central theme of that ad, which tried to say we are better than how we perceived ourselves. The next ad I remember is "Odonil", this bathroom freshener, which has come into new package. Similarly, I was also tracking the advertisement of "Kurkure", which has tried to incorporate every age group and include "family concept" in their recent advertisment. While the last product I remember is "Lays", which had a Bollywood actor for endorsement and has a new world travel offer pack. I have a desire to go on a world tour, so this ad was interesting to me.

The advertisements in which I was not interested are Rajniganda and Coca-Cola, because I do not prefer eating those products. Similarly, I am not a car lover so I wasn’t interested In the advertisement of Toyota.

The advertisement has changed a lot in years, advertisement of Dove and Kurkure had a central message, “we are better than how we perceived ourselves” and “families have become isolated and they need to spend time together”, which was making emotional appeal to sell the product. The way the company sells its product and makes its advertisement, has become different. It is said “the ad’s impact depends not only on what it says, but also how it says it” (Kotler, Keller, Koshy, & Jha, 2009). Dove didn’t mention the product but that advertisement was successful. Kurkure was also selling family concept. Lays and Odonil gave me an impression that how an individual is driven by interest or hobby. My interest in world tour bonded me to the Lays ad while my hobby to track new products attached me to odonil ad. “In the centre of advertising is the customer, whose psychology is determined by numerous aspects and advertising itself, which aims at arousing the customers wish to acquire the product advertised, and most importantly, at achieving the act of purchasing the product” (Jakštienė, 2008)

I had maximum attentions for TV advertisements so, for me, Visual form of communication or TV advertisements were more effective.

Yes, advertisements are often very manipulating for decision making. While going to buy a product, I have a tendency to search for the brand, of which I have seen the advertisement. Sometimes looking to lucrative pictures of the product I tend to buy product but those don’t meet the expectation. At some cases, last movement decision to buy a product is also determined by the flashers or pamphlets of the product.


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