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Salesperson influence in major purchase

Think about the last time you went to make a major purchase in a retail store. How important was the salesperson in that decision? What did he or she do that you liked or that you did not like?

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Sushant • Edited

According to Robertson (2005) the Great sales person knows that customers communicate them every needs they have if they are given right opportunity. A person goes to a store with a need and want, the role of the sales person is to convert that need and want into a purchase decision

Last time, I made a clothes purchase in Bhatbhateni. I had gone there to buy some other stuffs but happened to see some new designs of pants there. I tried on those pants and since I was alone, I had to ask the sales person/staffs about the feedback on the clothes. They were constantly pushing me into buying one of the pants there, which I had to buy later.

Great salespeople never look like they are selling rather they are educating, instilling faith and confidence (Helmrich, 2016). For me the best part I liked of the sales person was that the sales person weren’t making the context as if they were selling the product. They were moreover speaking as if consulting me a better product.


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