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Electrostatics- Old is Gold

  1. What do you mean by one electron volt?
  2. No two lines of force in an electric field ever intersect each other. Why?
  3. A man inside an insulated metallic cage does not receive a shock when the cage is highly charged. Explain.
  4. Why are sharp edges or points avoided in electrical machines?
  5. A charged conical conductor loses its charge earlier than a similarly charged sphere. Why?
  6. Why can more charge be placed on a metal if it is highly polished than when its surface is rough?
  7. Explain the phenomenon of action point in a charged conical sphere.
  8. What is meant by relative permittivity? What is its minimum value?
  9. Prove 1V/m = 1N/c
  10. A comb run through one’s dry hair attracts bits of paper. Why?
  11. If the electric field is zero throughout a certain region of space, is the potential also zero in the region or not? Explain.
  12. Some of the free electrons in a good conductor (such as a piece of copper) move at the speed of 10^6 m/s of faster. Why don’t these electrons fly out of the conductor completely?
  13. What do you mean by quantization of charge?
  14. What do you mean by charging by conduction and charging by induction?
  15. More charge can be stored on a metal if it is highly polished than when its surface is rough, why?

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