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Quantity of Heat- Old is Gold

  1. Why does food cook faster in a pressure cooker than in an open pot?
  2. How can water be boiled in a paper cup?
  3. During high fever, a wet cloth is kept on the forehead of a person. Why?
  4. Why is spark produced when two stones are stricken against one another?
  5. Explain why water remains cool in earthen pot in summer.
  6. Why can you get a more severe burn from steam at 100˚C than from water at 100˚C?
  7. When you come out of swimming pool, you feel cold. Why?
  8. Fishes stay alive in frozen pond in winter. Explain.
  9. Why do we feel cold when we spray perfume on our body?
  10. How it is that ice cream appears cooler to the mouth than ice at 0˚C?
  11. If you get wet your hand and pickup an ice tray that is below 0˚C, your hand may stick to it. This does not happen to wood. Why?

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